Why WSF?

Oliver’s very close friend and best man at his recent wedding, has a son who suffers with Williams Syndrome. Therefore this charity is very close to his heart and all of ours here at Benz On The Green (BOTG).

We have raised over £10,000 for BEN – The motor industry charity over the last 4 years at BOTG and thought it would be lovely to give another charity that means a lot to us, an opportunity to benefit from the wonderful people that attend our event and dig deep every year to raise a lot of money.

Here are some fast facts about Williams Syndrome and please take a look at the website to learn more about it: http://www.williams-syndrome.org.uk/

What we do

  1. Offer support and advice on any aspect of WS (health, education, care etc).
  2. Organise regional forums around the UK for families to share experiences and have fun
  3. Approve and fund research based tools and resources to assist with medical, behavioural and social aspects of WS
  4. Raise awareness of WS throughout the UK and organise the annual Awareness Day
  5. Encourage fund-raising and ensure that donations - our only source of income - are used to benefit members

Fast facts

  • There are an estimated 3,500 people with WS in the UK
  • The WSF has 1,179 WS individuals in their active membership
  • About 1 in 18,000 people have Williams Syndrome
  • Only 1 in 30 GPs will ever meet someone with Williams Syndrome
  • All WSF Trustees and staff have a child, sibling or significant person with WS in their lives so they understand first-hand the challenges that come with the condition
  • The WSF 2018 biennial Convention and Family Gathering will be the largest gathering of WS individuals the UK has ever seen. There were 109 WS people aged 11 months to 68 (oldest known WS person in the UK) at the 2016 event.
  • WS was recognised as a syndrome in 1961